3 Elements That Drive Dental Implant Costs

There is no denying that a dental implant is the best solution for teeth that might be missing or close to it. They are also popular for their ability to stabilize dentures by providing necessary support and foundation. But you should also know it’s a procedure that probably won’t be covered by your insurance. This means you’ll most likely have to pay the bill out of your pocket, and given the situation, you want to get familiar with the elements that drive dental implant costs.

And this is exactly what this article is going to do. We’ll be looking at the three main elements that have the most influence on the price you will finally pay. They come down to:

The Number Of Implants You Require

Dental implants are charged per tooth. This translates into a single implant as being the cheapest option, of course. But in some cases, more implants are required. This could be to support dentures or you simply need multiple implants to restore your healthy smile. Either way, get ready to pay more for every dental implant that gets added.

The Necessity Of Other Procedures

Not every dental implant candidate will require additional procedures. For example, if your gums are healthy and there is enough bone to serve as a foundation for the implant, the screw can be placed. In other cases, the broken on rotting tooth has to be pulled out first. Or, bone grafting might need to happen if the tooth has been missing for some time. This leads to bone loss, and not something that is going to help the bill, unfortunately.

As a side-note, it is critical to have those problem teeth removed, especially when dangers like Periodontal disease can do a lot of damage to your teeth in general. And the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

The Quality Of The Implant

Chances are the implant will involve a titanium screw. But the crown that gets placed on the base of the screw can be made from different materials. For example, you can choose between porcelain or high-performance acrylic. Just remember that your choice will have a significant effect on the cost of a dental implant.

While most people should be able to qualify as a dental implant candidate, it’s not always the right answer for everyone. With the right dentist, you always have enough options, so call CitiDental in the Queens, NY, area. We can easily schedule an appointment to see whether dental implants are the way to go.