Are you a good candidate for teeth implants?

A Guide To Help Patients Decide If They Are Good Candidates For Dental Implants

There are numerous factors that contribute to a patient’s candidacy for dental implants. Contrary to popular belief, not all people qualify for this dental procedure. If you are a person who wants a fully functioning, natural feeling, and long-lasting set of replacement teeth, then you are on the way to being a suitable candidate. Of course, there are some issues that are presented with dental implants. Fortunately, they are not as painful as previous years; however, the items are bulky and may make simple tasks difficult to manage including eating or talking.

Are you a resident of Queens, New York or the surrounding area? Are you considering teeth implants or another dental procedure? If your response was yes to either of these questions, then it may be beneficial to contact our dental practice and discuss the procedural options available. The office is easy to locate in Ozone Park, Queens. Even if you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants, we will be able to help you locate an alternative treatment for crooked, damaged, or missing teeth.

What Items Make You Unable To Receive Dental Implants?

Bone Deterioration

One of the most common reasons why a dental implant procedure would be unsuccessful is the presentation of bone deterioration. As a person ages, the bone in the jaw weakens, and gum lines tend to recede. These actions are especially true if a tooth is extracted from the area. Without any root in the socket to stimulate the gum tissue or encourage bone growth, the bone will become brittle and refuse to accept the dental implant.

If this is your case, do not be deterred as there are many other dental procedures available. It is possible to opt for mini implant dentures as these are smaller implants that do not require as much bone. They are often a highly suitable alternative to traditional dental implants.

Lifestyle Choices

It is important to note that certain lifestyle choices will contribute to a patient’s suitability for dental implant procedures. The dentist will conduct a consultation to identify any tobacco use and existing medical conditions that may result in the implant being rejected by the body. Rejection is not a common occurrence, but it is a possibility.

How Can A Person Care For Dental Implants?

To care correctly for dental implants, it is important that you engage in daily tooth brushing and flossing routines. The materials used in a dental implant will not deteriorate; therefore, the new teeth should not cause any pain. Of course, gum disease can still occur so you must perform proper dental hygiene practices.