Are Your Dentures Irritating? Try Soft Flexible Dentures!

Dental technology today has improved greatly since people started wearing dentures. For most people who have dentures, after time they all become accustomed to pain in their gums due to the shifting around of the jaw bone and other factors. However, you don’t have to walk around with denture pain any longer, since now there are soft flexible dentures.

As stated above, regular dentures do cause irritation over time because they tend to loosen and not fit snugly against the gums. But with soft flexible dentures patients have the option to choose a product that does not cause pain like their hard acrylic counterparts.

Soft dentures are made to be flexible yet highly durable where the wearer can still bite down on any type of food and not have to worry about gum irritation. What makes soft dentures the cream of the crop is their ability to be sturdy and firm against the acrylic base, but with a flexible resin overlay.

Since ridges in the jaw tend to be a lot wider where the teeth meet the gums, there is a slight inward curve which happens to be above and below our real teeth. This inward curve is known as the undercut. As the flexible denture is placed over the widest part of the gum, it has the ability to bend back inward which prevents all sorts of food particles from getting stuck inside. No longer will you have to get up to go clean your dentures because they won’t be misaligned.

Although soft dentures do tend to wear out quicker than their acrylic counterparts, the time spent not having to clean them every day, plus the lack of gum irritation makes this a wonderful solution for those considering the flexible option. As any denture wearer knows, getting used to those sore spots has become a way of life. But not anymore thanks to dentures that are soft and flexible!

Those who are considering dentures may have been hesitant to wear them because of their allergic reaction to acrylic. The good thing about soft dentures is that they are hypoallergenic. So if you never thought dentures were possible, think again and try the flexible kind.

Many denture wearers are concerned about the way they look, especially if they fall out or get stained. The great thing about flex dentures is you can actually see part of your nice pink gums underneath. Nobody will ever realize you are wearing dentures because there are no unsightly clips that attach them to your gums.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where our natural teeth start to become unstable causing us to seek a remedy. For those of you who cannot afford expensive dental implants, crowns, and bridges, the next best thing to having a perfect smile is by asking your dentist about flexible soft dentures.

With so many people needing dental work, technology is starting to catch up to help people afford quality solutions to improve their smile at a lower cost. But the best part is, these new dentures do not irritate your mouth, which is why denture wearers today can finally have a smile on their face.