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What Advantages Do Dental Implants Have Over Dentures?

Our teeth become weaker as we age. That is why it is important to take proper care of your teeth on a daily basis. If not, most would be pulled out over time. If you have more than one missing teeth in your mouth, you should opt for dental implants instead of dentures.

Implants have become one of the most effective treatment methods for missing teeth. Implants are embedded in the jawbone and will last forever when properly taken care of. On the other hand, dentures rest on the gum line and dental bridges use adjacent teeth as anchors. But they are not that effective as dental implants.

A dental implant is a titanium device that is used to support dental prostheses such as crowns and bridges. There is an internal screw post which allows for these components to be fitted. Dentures or false teeth are removable prosthetic devices that are usually supported by the soft and hard tissue of your oral cavity. Dentures are usually made from different kinds of materials such as metal, porcelain or acrylic plastic. The two main types of dentures are known as complete and partial dentures. In fact, complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth while partial dentures fill the spaces that are created by tooth extractions.

Implants have become more popular as a treatment for missing teeth in this day and age. Dental implants can easily bring back your smile, functionality, and feel just like your natural teeth. They are a lifetime permanent solution for missing teeth. Hence, they are much stronger than dentures. Implants are permanently fixed to the jawbone, but dentures are easily removable. Also, implants are more comfortable compared to traditional dentures. On the other hand, dental implants are used to support permanently cemented bridges – eradicating the need for dentures. The treatment is ideal if you have more than one missing teeth. It can also prevent jawbone shrinkage and reverse a prematurely aged appearance. That is why you need to shift to dental implants if you have been using dentures for so long.

There are many other advantages of using dental implants instead of dentures. It reduces gum irritation, improves speech, provides a natural appearance and a balance in the mouth. Hence, you don’t need to fear that your bite would be corrupted. It also reduces the likelihood of infection in the process. In fact, traditional dentures look awkward and embarrassing while dental implants look quite natural. You need to understand this benefit of dental implants. When you are faced with the option of tooth extraction, you should speak to your dentist about the possibility of dental implants. Although dental implants are a bit costlier than dentures, the money is well-worth the natural look and feel you get with implants.

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