What Kind of Damage Can a Denture Repair Service Fix?

It does not matter how good you take care of your dentures, you will at one point need to contact a dentist for denture repair if you are wearing them. There are times when it may break in half, the tooth falling out, or something more serious happening and causing you to look like a garbled mess. The challenge here will be to identify whether the problem can be fixed or it is beyond being repaired.

Minor Repairs

A chipped tooth from having been dropped is one of the most common problems that a denture repair service deals with. Even if the dentures are dropped one or two inches, the teeth although are known to be resilient can easily be damaged. Depending on how the tooth broke, the dentist may be able to repairs it by using cement on the tooth piece by piece. If this is not possible, the damaged tooth will have to be replaced.

Having a tooth falling out completely is a common problem that people wearing dentures have. In this situation, you should ensure the loose tooth and denture has been stored in a safe place until it gets repaired. In some emergency instances, some people will decide to use Crazy Glue before they plate can be replaced later. This is not a good approach because it can result in permanent damage to the plate. If it is not done in the right way, you might have to replace the entire denture. You should keep it in a safe place so that it can be examined by a professional. The same should be done about cracks in the base material.

Serious Repairs

Surprisingly, a denture that has been broken in half can be repaired by a professional. When this happens to you, start by placing the pieces in a container of water at room temperature and let it stay there until you get to the dentist. Doing this will help because it prevents the denture from shifting until they have been replaced. Dentists have a special equipment and adhesive that they will use in joining the plat back together. You will need to have it checked to ensure that it fits in the mouth properly. If this is not done, it might cause you to feel painful and uncomfortable because it isn’t sitting in the mouth correctly.

If the dentures have broken along the edges, it can be repaired by a denture repair service. The expert will start by taking an impression of your mouth and using it to make sure that the repair will hold the same shape. Once these repairs have been done, the expert will carefully check it to make sure that it perfectly fits in your mouth. Otherwise, it can cause damage or cut the inside of your mouth and gums.

Damage That Needs Replacement

There are times when broken dentures will be beyond what a denture repair service can fix. When it this the case? The general rule is something that will need the plate to be overhauled significantly. This can be multiple breaks, worn teeth, loss of jaw bone, deteriorated or worn plastic. It is not that the expert cannot repair the denture, but because the material is too old or worn out for it to take the repair properly. In this instance, it makes sense to have new plates instead of repairing.

Thanks to the technologies and materials there today, a denture repair service is able to fix a wide range of problems. Repair of minor problems can be done within a couple of hours. The more extensive repairs will take some time before they are done, making it a good idea to get temporary dentures while you wait. When you notice that your dentures are broken, make an effort of seeing a professional within the shortest time possible so they can find a way to help you.