Consider Implant Dentures If You Don’t Care For Traditional Dentures

Implant dentures are a possible answer if you think that wearing conventional false teeth is cumbersome. These implants let you wear dental prosthetics free of the need of any adhesive just to keep things in place. This dentistry innovation means that you no longer have to worry about things like your dentures falling out.

It’s a simple enough process to get mini-implants, but you’ll reap the rewards for quite some time in the future. Your dentist can x-ray your jawbone to figure out if you’re qualified for this kind of prosthetic and even measure the potential length of mini-implants you might need. Getting pieces like these attached to your jaw takes roughly the same amount of time as getting a tooth filled. Your dentist might take your older dentures or just provide new ones to set and then fit over any anchors. The process of anchor attachment and denture fitting typically happens all on the very same day.

If you do meet the qualifications for this kind of solution, you’ll discover that implant dentures are quite simply delightful. No longer would you have to be concerned about the possibility of your false teeth moving to and fro. It’s a lot easier to chew your food when your teeth are in place. You can even taste your food once more because this sort of dental prosthetic doesn’t cover your mouth’s roof. Once your dentist is done attaching the new prosthetics, you’ll be free to eat and chew again. You’ll also get to avoid the taste of denture adhesive, and that’s certainly something that many users of false teeth don’t like. The adhesives are replaced by anchors, and these prove themselves as being far more effective in keeping teeth in their proper place.

Implants also work better in keeping the original facial structure you had since they get attached directly to your jawbone. Conventional dentures can actually pull or push some facial features, altering the very shape of it. This type lets you wear any artificial teeth as if they were originally part of your jaw, preserving your original facial shape. Also, you can even enunciate your words with increased effectiveness. You can then engage in conversation and have the peace of mind that folks can clearly understand you.

You’ll also enhance your health with these mini implants because you are getting rid of your bad breath. That can be a result of false teeth moving when you eat. Food can stick under dentures, resulting in the buildup of bacteria and leaving you with a foul-smelling breath. These mini implants are able to keep your false teeth in their proper place so food doesn’t accumulate underneath. You won’t have to get embarrassed about speaking to someone in close proximity again.

This option often includes a warranty that your cosmetic dentist provides. Maintenance makes it easy to take good care of them. Be sure to check with your doctor about the specific warranty terms. Many dental practices offer warranties ranging from five to 10 years, in which time dentists would replace cracked or damaged implants for no additional charge.

If you personally have teeth missing, but don’t want to start wearing conventional pieces, or you find traditional dentures cumbersome, then maybe you should consider this possibility. Contact CitiDental as soon as you can to see if you qualify for this type of treatment. Regain full use and control over your teeth and mouth, while getting your confidence back using implant dentures.