Fix your smile with Invisalign braces

Teens Should Look Into Invisalign Teen

If you have a teenager who needs to receive orthodontic treatment, then they might not be a fan of the idea of wearing braces, but Invisalign has changed things. This invention has encouraged people from all walks of life and of all ages to achieve a great smile, while wearing something that is barely noticeable. However, many people associate Invisalign with adults and braces with teens.

The idea is going to change, thanks to Invisgalign Teen. This appliance will allow teens to maintain their confidence. Even better and more importantly, they will correct orthodontic issues.

How do these appliances work? It’s simple, as Invisalign Teen involves creating custom-made aligners that fit into your teeth. Every few weeks, patients will go back to the office and have their aligners adjusted. Best of all, these appliances can correct an array of problems, such as over-bites, under-bites, crooked teeth, crowded teeth and teeth that are widely spaced apart.

The technology used with Invisalign is what sets this treatment apart from others. Once patients speak with a provider who is certified, pictures of their teeth will be taken and then a specialist will map out movements of the tooth/teeth. This will be done from the start of treatment, right up until the very end and then aligners are formed based on the treatment plan created by the provider.

Patients are required to wear the aligners all the time. This is how they will get the best results. However, they don’t wear them while they floss, playing sports or eating food or brushing their teeth.

There are many advantages for both patients and parents, and one of them is that the aligners are not that bulky. In fact, Invisalign Teen aligners lightweight and clear, which is why teens love them. Nobody will really be able to tell that the patient is wearing them.

Traditional braces consists of brackets and wires, and this can lead to the patient becoming annoyed when they floss and brush their teeth. Aligners with Invisalign don’t cause this because you can easily remove them. This will allow you to maintain good oral health during the course of your treatment.

Remember in the past when you had to fix a broken bracket? You’d have to head to the orthodontist to have it fixed. With Invisalign, you are given multiple replacement aligners. This will ensure you continue to receive treatment.

As for length of treatment, Invisalign treatment tends to last for around 18 months. Traditional braces can be even longer than that, but do keep in mind that not everyone is suitable for Invisalign. The costs associated with this treatment does vary from one patient to the next, but generally speaking the treatment is affordable and it’s well worth the price. You should definitely look into having the treatment done.