Is It Time For Braces?

Years ago, children did not get braces until they were at least in middle school. However, times are different now and kids are getting braces earlier and earlier. As your child’s permanent teeth start to come it, you may wonder about the possibility of braces. The dentists at CitiDental can help you decide on timing and will recommend whether orthodontic treatment is appropriate.

Every child is different because their teeth come in at different times. Therefore, while it may be appropriate for one child to get braces at the age of seven, another child may need to wait until they are ten. If you feel that braces are on the horizon, here are a few things to consider.

How Can Braces Help?

There are a number of different ways that braces can help your child. For example, they help with proper tooth alignment and even fix bite problems. While they certainly do straighten teeth, that is not all they do. Braces help your teeth fit together the right way, which is actually more vital than straightening the teeth in the first place. When your teeth don’t fit together, you may have problems eating and talking, among other things.

Some people do get braces just because they want straighter teeth. However, the majority of patients do so because they need help with a bite problem.

The Timeline For Braces

When should your child get braces? This is a common question for many parents. However, there is no “right” answer. Every child is different and has different concerns with their teeth. Your child can get braces at just about any age. Teenagers were the most common group to have them a few years ago. However, now children have them as well, and it is not unusual to see adults with braces either!

Don’t focus so much on the right age to get braces. Instead, think about why your child might need braces in the first place. How are their teeth situated? What do they look like when your child bites down? The following issues are reasons for concern and should be discussed with an orthodontist.

They include: problems eating, teeth that don’t line up, crowded teeth, cheek biting and unusual patterns in baby teeth loss.

Another common question is how long the treatment lasts. Typically, braces are worn anywhere from a year and a half to two years. However, treatment can be longer (or in some cases, shorter) depending on the unique circumstances involved with your child.

How Much Are Braces?

Braces used to be very expensive, to the point that some people were unable to afford them. Times have changed, however, and braces are now available at a more affordable price. Of course, the costs involved can vary. It is reasonable to expect to pay between three and six thousand dollars for the entire length of treatment. You will likely have to put down a deposit and then make monthly payments while your child is being cared for.