Pediatric Dentistry Queens NY

Qualities A Good Pediatric Dental Practice Will Have

When it comes to bringing a young child to the dentist, it can be a scary experience for both the child and the parent. This is why you should know what helps with anxiety before you bring your child to the office. By the age of one is when children should go to the dentist to receive their first checkup.

However, if family history suggests there is a risk of oral issues or early cavities, then children may visit the dentist at an earlier age. Generally speaking, the very first appointment is to check the child’s teeth to make sure they are developing properly. With that said, below are a few things you can do to make sure everyone is comfortable with the overall dentist experience.

Gentleness And Attentiveness
You want to choose a dental office that has a staff that is known for being gentle and kind towards kids. If a staff has a lot of experience with dealing with young kids, the chances are they will act in a way that will make the children feel at ease and the staff will know how to act if the child does become scared at some point during the visit. Not only that, but the child’s fears may be squashed when they enter an atmosphere that is welcoming.

Respond To Concerns
Another quality a good dental office will have is to respond to concerns of parents. You want to choose a dentist that has staff members that actually answer all concerns or questions a parent has, even if such concerns and questions may not seem like a big deal. Before going to the child’s appointment, write down a list of concerns and questions you have.

Child-Friendly Atmosphere
A good dental office will focus on young patients’ needs. Let’s face it, many kids resist their very first visit to the dentists and they will usually need some extra support when they do become scared. A practice that deals with mainly kids as their patients will understand the importance of helping kids get through their visit with ease. What you want is to choose a dental practice that has no problems with you sitting in on your child’s appointment.

Genuinely Interested In Your Child’s Oral Health
Staff members and the dentist should have an interest in children’s oral health. You can tell if they do because they will discuss things such as how your child’s teeth and bite are developing and they will discuss what kind of proper oral hygiene habits should be practiced. For example, they should tell you to not allow your child to suck their thumb or to not use pacifiers.

There’s no secret that many kids dread going to their very first visit to the dentist. However, if you choose a good pediatric dentist, then you can rest assure your child will love their first experience at the dentist.