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Confront Your Fear Of The Dentist With Sedation Dentistry

Chances are you’ve seen the ads for sedation dentistry somewhere, and most probably on a big billboard nobody can miss. But there’s a good reason behind all the hype, and it provides an effective solution to thousands of individuals who fear the dentist. More specifically, it addressed the fear people have about possible pain and discomfort. Here is some more info about sedation dentistry and why you should be excited about it as well.

Sedation Dentistry Defined

If you judge by the term alone, you’d think that sedation dentistry is simply about being unconscious in the dentist chair. But this is only partially true. You see, sedation can be used in such a way that different levels of consciousness can be targeted. For example, you can still be awake during the procedure, but you’ll feel much more relaxed. However, if you want to be asleep, the option is open to you. In other words, the dentist wakes you up when he or she is finished.

The great news is that if a dentist advertises sedation dentistry, it usually includes every procedure there is. So, even if you feel anxiety with something as basic as getting your teeth cleaned, you can ask for sedation. The dentist will then assess everything that needs to be done, along with your level of anxiety before choosing the level of sedation.

The different levels generally consist of:

– Minimal Sedation:

Also referred to as laughing gas, minimal sedation will see you awake and capable, but also relaxed and comfortable.

– Moderate Sedation:

At this level, the patient will be awake but incapable of functioning normally. In other words, they don’t talk much, and if they do, you probably won’t understand half of it.

– Deep Sedation:

Deep sedation sees patients drifting on the border of sleep. In fact, most patients fall asleep with deep sedation, but there are cases where patients remain a little bit conscious.

– General Anesthesia:

The patient sleeps like a baby as the dentist works.

Up until recently, only serious procedures qualified for sedation. But now it can be used in every situation specifically for patients who suffer from anxiety and harbor a fear of the dentist.

The Advantages Of Using Sedation

Of course, sedation shouldn’t be used if the patient doesn’t really need it. But for those who do, there are three main benefits you might gain from.

Relieves Pain And Discomfort

Not even mild sedation should be underestimated. Because it doesn’t just help your whole body to relax for the procedure, it also numbs the mouth to a degree where the pain is minimal or non-existent.

Forgetting The Procedure Happened

One reason why so many people develop a fear for a dentist is based on a bad experience. And it only takes one unpleasant experience to stay away from the dentist forever. But with sedation, you don’t have to be conscious and you don’t have to take away any bad memories of the visit.

Aids The Dentist

Given that the dentist is busy with some very sensitive work, you want to give them all the help you can. And all they really need from you is to stay calm and relaxed while they do their job.

The fact is, so many people can benefit from sedation dentistry, and they can do it right now.