Mini dental implants

Your Guide To Understanding Supported Dentures

Within the field of dentistry, we are always seeing improvements and innovations so that the patient’s experience is a better one. One of these recent technologies is implant supported dentures: these dentures do not use adhesive but instead use metal implants which are placed in the patient’s upper palate or mandible.

The Advantages

In comparison with regular dentures, implant retained dentures provide very close to a custom fit for the individual. The days when a person would have been embarrassed when they lost their dentures when drinking, coughing or sneezing are long gone. In addition, chewing food is easier and the person’s level of self-esteem can increase when they know that their new teeth are not for going anywhere.

The Points To Weight Up

One of the four main areas to consider when thinking about implant supported dentures is the cost. The type of material which is used, the number of teeth and the professional service can quickly add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

When thinking about the budget, try to set up an internal payment arrangement with the dentist or see whether your health insurance could help. For example, suggest to the dentist that you make an initial down payment followed by installments for the remainder. This can provide the dentist with the needed assurance that you are legally obligated to complete the payment, while also ensuring that you get the implant support dentures that you need. Think about your health insurance too and find out whether they will pay for the implants outright and then allow you to pay them back in installments.

The second area to consider is viability since it is only the dentist who can tell you whether your jawbone would be suitable for implant dentures. Before a dentist confirms that you can have the implant dentures they will need to carry out a number of tests. If your bone structure is found to be suitable, the procedure will then run like clockwork. For people who have issues with their bone structure, more preparation may be required before the implant dentures would be a suitable option.

The third area to consider and likely the most uncertain is that of pain. Many patients will say that they did have a level of discomfort even though this new technology promises to give the best solution with the smallest amount of anxiety.

Pain is part of the package and if your tolerance level is high, you may find the whole procedure relatively easy. However, if that’s not the case for you, it may be a good idea to discuss pain management with the dentist beforehand. Remember, the use of painkillers is not the absolute solution as it can lead to other serious issues such as damage to internal organs or addiction.

It’s a big decision to get implant supported dentures and one that the patient will need to prepare for, particularly the recovery stage. The healing time will be different for each person, some may need a few months while others could have a healing time that exceeds four months. It is also necessary to go for a checkup with your doctor so that people with certain medical conditions or medications can get the advice they need to improve their healing process.

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